No. 1

I recently started working with a writing mentor. For years now I have said I want to be a writer, and even called myself a writer. The only problem is that I wasn’t doing any writing. None. Nada. Zilch.

What I realized is that you can’t be something without doing the thing. I’m a parent not because I’ve genetically contributed to the creation of tiny humans, but because I’m involved in the day-in-day-day-out process of raising my kids with my wife. If I walked around talking about how I was a parent and was never…you know, doing any parenting, you’d think I was crazy.

So as I’m working with my mentor Steve, I’m going to be sharing some of those ideas here. I have some writing goals I’m going to work towards, however I’m not going to commit to any kind of regular posting schedule here. I’ve done that before and allowed myself to get trapped into those constraints.

The first of those lessons is that I need to be writing. I can’t be a writer if I’m not going to do the work and write. So welcome back to this sometimes defunct corner of the internet. I hope you enjoy.

*This is a post in a series about my Writing Mentor. As I read through On Writing by Stephen King I’ll be sharing what I’m learning and how I’m implementing that in these posts.

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