No. 4

Last night I realized that my apartment was very quiet. It was only 8 p.m. Normally this is peak craziness because we’re getting down two little ones, and there’s a fit or two, we’re feeding pets, cleaning up dinner, and getting lunches ready for the next day.

Last night, Hillary wasn’t feeling well, and my MIL had taken our son out for dinner, and we had a quick frying pan frozen meal. I realized this was a moment I was getting for quiet and calm that wasn’t in my car in the parking lot of my office thirty minutes before we open.

I made a cup of hot tea, sat down and did some work in my recovery program workbook, and decided to take some time and just relax. This isn’t something I’m very good at doing. When my therapist first started using the term “self care”, I rolled my eyes. Now, I realize it’s something I have to make a priority in my life. I can’t care for my family and friends, or take care of my professional life if I’m not caring for me.

Caring for me involves yoga, meditation, writing, coloring, reading, affirmations. I’m not doing all of these every day. I’m not even doing great at doing something on that list every day. But I’m doing more. A couple of months ago, I wrote about what it was like for me to be facing turning 30. I’m finding more and more each day that I’m only just beginning to learn and know more about who I am. It’s been a rough, but enlightening journey so far. One I’m excited to continue.

All that to say.

Steal the unexpected moments of calm in your life. I could have sat an watched 2-8 episodes of a show, and let my mind completely check out for the night. I often do that. Instead, I decided to watch a bit of one show. Read a little. Write a little. I didn’t know today that I’d be getting the couple hours to myself tonight, but I’m glad I did. I’m glad I took advantage of it. I hope you try it the next time it comes along in your life.


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